About Us 

Dusty was founded in 2019 with the goal of establishing a global powerhouse in esports fueled by exceptional Nordic talent. Dusty currently has teams competing in Counter Strike, League of Legends, Rocket League & Overwatch.

- Dusty eSports was founded, forming strategic partnerships with Elko and core partner Coolbet.
- Dusty's Counter-Strike team secures the Icelandic spring title.
- Dusty’s League of Legends team reached the semi-finals of the Scandinavian tournament. Following August roster adjustments, both League of Legends and Counter-Strike teams clinched Icelandic fall titles.

- Nocco, Dominos, and Honda join forces with Dusty as sponsors. Nocco produced a co-branded energy drink with Dusty. The drink went on to be the most sold gaming related product ever in Iceland
- Dusty’s Counter Strike team claims victory in the Icelandic spring league and secures both Icelandic fall titles.
- Dusty’s League of Legends team emerges victorious in the Icelandic league, triumphs at the Reykjavik International Games and makes it to the semi-finals in Northern League of Legends Championship.

- Dusty provides support to Cloud9 and Mad Lions for all domestic aspects during the 2021 League of Legends World Championship in Reykjavik.
- Dusty’s Counter Strike team sweeps both Icelandic titles and wins the Reykjavik International Games.

- Dusty's Counter-Strike team achieves victory at the EPIC lan tournament in the UK and claims both Icelandic Counter-Strike titles.
- Dusty's League of Legends team conquers the Northern League of Legends Championship and advances to the quarterfinals in the Amazon European Masters 2022 Summer.
- Partnership established with Nike.
- Inauguration of a Valorant team, which secures the Icelandic league title in its debut season.

- Introduction of the Dusty academy program, focusing on regular training for emerging talents. The Counter-Strike academy team participates in the Icelandic Counter-Strike league.
- Dusty’s Counter Strike team clinches league championship in the Icelandic Counter-Strike league, while the Valorant team secures the Icelandic league title.
- Expansion into Overwatch and Rocket League with the Rocket League team securing the league championship in its first year.

- Formation of an all-women Counter-Strike team, competing in the Icelandic Counter Strike league.
- Dusty signs a League of Legends roster, the team finishes on top of the league in the Danish LCS 2024 Spring.
- Dusty's Counter Strike team wins the Icelandic finals.
- Dusty's Overwatch team wins the Icelandic league.